Wedding in Barcelona-Justin and Shavana

Justin & Shavana are from Guayana, living in Toronto, but with their heart living in Barcelona, the city where their love began. That’s the reason why they decided to celebrate their wedding in Barcelona.

We first met during their pre wedding photo shoot , wandering around the old quarter and Raval and talking about their story and life plans. I love getting involved in the story of the couples whom weddings I will be photographing so the wedding day I’m not a stranger anymore.

The wedding day was perfect in every single way, thanks to the amazing job of Petra from PearlSandals.  The bride dressed in a beautiful room in Hotel Neri, with the help of her sisters, and groom saw her for the first time dressed up like a bride in “Plaza Sant Felip Neri”, surrounded by tourists (but I think they didn’t even noticed so they were in cloud number nine at that moment…)

The ceremony took place in Sentromà Tiana, with James Humber as celebrant and incredible flower arrangements by Vidiella Flors. After that, dinner took place in Hotel Neri also, and dancing under the stars on rooftop  “Roba estesa” terrace.

Family and friends took a long journey to be with Justin and Shavana that day and everyone was happy and excited. What else can you ask for?

I hope Justin & Shavana will keep their love in these photographs and remember that day forever.

Wedding -Hotel Neri-Mireia Navarro-1Wedding -Hotel Neri-Mireia Navarro-2Wedding -Hotel Neri-Mireia Navarro-5Wedding -Hotel Neri-Mireia Navarro-7Wedding -Hotel Neri-Mireia Navarro-8Wedding -Hotel Neri-Mireia Navarro-9Wedding -Hotel Neri-Mireia Navarro-11Wedding in Barcelona-Mireia Navarro-4Wedding in Barcelona-Mireia Navarro-12Wedding in Barcelona-Mireia Navarro-13Wedding in Barcelona-Mireia Navarro-14Wedding in Barcelona-Mireia Navarro-15Wedding in Barcelona-Mireia Navarro-16Wedding in Barcelona-Mireia Navarro-17Barcelona wedding photography-dipWedding Sentroma-Mireia Navarro-19Wedding in Barcelona-Mireia Navarro-18Wedding in Barcelona-Mireia Navarro-20Wedding in Barcelona-Mireia Navarro-21Wedding in Barcelona-Mireia Navarro-22Wedding in Barcelona-Mireia Navarro-23Wedding in Barcelona-Mireia Navarro-24Wedding in Barcelona-Mireia Navarro-25Wedding in Barcelona-Mireia Navarro-26Wedding in Barcelona-Mireia Navarro-27Wedding in Barcelona-Mireia Navarro-28Wedding in Barcelona-Mireia Navarro-29Wedding in Barcelona-Mireia Navarro-30Wedding in Barcelona-Mireia Navarro-31Wedding in Barcelona-Mireia Navarro-32Wedding in Barcelona-Mireia Navarro-33Barcelona wedding photography-dip2Wedding in Barcelona-Mireia Navarro-36Wedding in Barcelona-Mireia Navarro-37Wedding in Barcelona-Mireia Navarro-38Wedding in Barcelona-Mireia Navarro-39Wedding in Barcelona-Mireia Navarro-40Wedding in Barcelona-Mireia Navarro-41Wedding in Barcelona-Mireia Navarro-42Wedding in Barcelona-Mireia Navarro-43Wedding in Barcelona-Mireia Navarro-45Wedding Sentroma--Mireia Navarro-34Wedding Sentroma--Mireia Navarro-35Wedding -Hotel Neri-Mireia Navarro-47Wedding -Hotel Neri-Mireia Navarro-49Wedding -Hotel Neri-Mireia Navarro-48Wedding -Hotel Neri-Mireia Navarro-50Wedding -Hotel Neri-Mireia Navarro-52Wedding -Hotel Neri-Mireia Navarro-51Wedding -Hotel Neri-Mireia Navarro-53

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